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Have you taken a full course or Bite Sized Learning™ class from Jane's Classroom and enjoyed it? Or maybe you just love seeing what this community has to offer. Either way, why not share your recommendation and earn money by doing so? 

Become and member and receive your own personal affiliate links to courses in Jane's Classroom. Then, when someone sees your recommendation on your social media or personal website and clicks your link to enroll, you get paid!

Most affiliate programs offer little reward but I believe in sharing equally which means there's more incentive for you to bring people into the community. Receive 50% payout when a person enrolls in a course. 

New courses at various price points will be added regularily. From smaller Bite Sized Learning™ mini classes to full sized large programs such as Jane's MasterClass and T.A.E (The Artist Entrepreneur) which are coming later this year! This means more earning potential for you!

Payouts occur every 30 days and are sent directly to your PayPal account. You get access to your own dashboard on Jane's Classroom so you can track your referrals. It's as simple as that! 

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Here's How !

To become eligible you will need to sign up for a new account, or login to your existing profile and head to 'your account' under the drop down menu. Type YES into the text field beside "Become and Affiliate". 

You will receive email confirmation shortly after with your own personalized affiliate links and information on how you can take full advantage of the program and increase your earning potential! Yippee :)

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