Unique and Pretty

Paper & Resin Art

Create something unique and pretty. In this class you will learn 3 different methods for creating paper in resin. In technique 1 you will to learn to create your own letter mold and then create a pretty letter design in it. Technique 2 you will quill and add resin directly on top of a primed wooden letter. And, the last technique will include creating some crystal clear coasters with paper quilled shapes inside.
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Unique and Pretty

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What You'll Learn

Save time and money by following the techniques that will produce the best results!

  • Learn what paper materials work best when using resin

  • Learn the secret to acheiving cloud free, bleed free pieces in clear resin

  • Learn what type of resin works best with paper

  • Learn to create your own letter mold for use over and over again

  • Learn to create pretty paper quilling shapes

  • Get extra tips and tricks to avoid frustration

  • Learn how to finish your edges easily

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What's Included

  • Step-by-Step

    Gain access to step by step instructional videos for 3 techniques. Taught by instructor, Jane Monteith. Watch 90 minutes of bite sized learning videos that are easy to follow with additional information accompanying each module.

  • Self Paced Course

    This class is self paced allowing you to stop and start whenever you wish. Having lifetime access with enrollment allows you to take a break and resume when time allows.

  • Supply Document

    An overview of materials needed for the class is covered in the beginning of the course in addition to a downloadable PDF Document. Direct links and references to products are included.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from your instructor
    • Supply List Dowload
  • 2
    Technique 1 - Molding The Letter
    • Mold Materials
    • Creating a Mold Dam
    • Setting the Mold
    • White Base Layer
  • 3
    Quilling Materials
    • Quilling Paper and Tools
    • Basic Shapes & Adhesives
    • Transferring Your Design
  • 4
    Resin Pours & Reveal
    • Resin Layering
    • Letter Reveal
  • 5
    Sanding & Recoating
    • Reducing Edge or Lip
    • The Extra Mile
  • 6
    Technique 2 - Wooden Letter
    • Wooden Letter Border
    • Pour and Finish
    • Spray Finished Sides
  • 7
    Technique 3 - Clear Coasters
    • Clear Coaster Prep
    • Coaster Demold
    • Whitewash Look & Edging
  • 8
    Final Overview & Thanks
    • Closing Remarks

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