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  • Video Lessons

    Learn with over 35 video modules all about alcohol inks and resin. Stop and start whenever you wish and receive lifetime access to course content so you can refer back when it's most convenient for you.

  • PDF Downloads

    Access to additional resource information in the form of PDF downloads and direct links to supplies, products and safety data sheets that you can print, keep and refer to at any time.

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Content Checklist

Check out what's covered!

  • Alcohol Ink Overview

  • Working with solutions

  • Tools & Textures

  • Masking Tools & Techniques

  • Color Mixing

  • Collage Building - Making a MOD Mini

  • Finishing with Resin

  • Troubleshooting Resin over Inks

  • Prepping & Priming Multiple Substrates

  • Sealing & Protecting

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Alcohol Ink & Resin Course
    • Welcome Message
    • Ultimate Supply List
  • 2
    Chapter #1 - Alcohol Inks 101
    • Alcohol Inks - Overview
    • Your Safety
    • Product and Safety Information Links
    • Inks and Solutions
    • Additional Ink and Supply Resources
    • Substrate Types
    • Test your learning
    • Using and Comparing Solutions
    • Adding Metallics
    • Tools for creating Textures
  • 3
    Chapter #2 - Fantastix & Masking Tools
    • Fantastix Overview
    • Masking Pens
    • Fixing Ink Smear
    • Contact Paper
  • 4
    Chapter #3 - Colour Mixing Overview
    • The Colour Wheel
  • 5
    Chapter #4 - Collage Building (MOD Mini Making)
    • What You'll Need
    • Quick Textures
    • Selecting Textures
    • Adhering Base Layer
    • Trimming Base Layer
    • Collage Layer Effects
    • Spray Adhesives
  • 6
    Your Half Way There!
    • You're Making Progress
    • Checking In
    • Why Art Resin
    • Art Resin Safety Data Info
  • 7
    Chapter #5 - Finishing With Resin
    • Sealing and Protecting
    • Prepping For Resin
    • Measuring and Mixing
    • First Resin Layer
    • Sanding a Layer
    • Second Coat Bevel Edge
  • 8
    Chapter #6 - The Finished Product
    • Getting Clean Edges
    • Natural and Painted Sides
    • Troubleshooting Resin Over Inks
  • 9
    Chapter #7 - Prepping & Priming Porous Surfaces
    • Prepping a Porous Substrate
    • Priming a Porous Surface
    • Sealing a Porous Surface
    • Painting on a Porous Surface
  • 10
    Chapter #8 - Closing Remarks
    • Thank you!
    • Your Survey

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MOD Mini Making Process

About Jane

Instructor Bio

  • Jane Monteith


    Jane Monteith

    Jane is a self taught artist and has made a living as one for over a decade using screening inks, alcohol inks and other mixed media. She is an internationally selling artist with work sold in multiple countries. Jane's art is vibrant and contemporary, collage based and finished with resin. Her small art miniatures (which she coined with the term, MOD Minis) are her most popular selling pieces on her website,


Serena W

Jane delivers in spades!

Serena W

I'm a repeat customer of Jane's and I plan to continue being one because I adore her work. What draws me in is just how unique it is. Her ultra-modern, angular shapes are instantly recognizable. The quality of paintings is superb; I'd be very surprised if I didn't see one of her pieces hanging in a contemporary museum of art. Resin is notoriously difficult to work with yet every single piece she makes has a flawless glassy finish that radiates the beautiful rich colours underneath. ​ Jane has mastered alcohol inks an resin and her tutorials blend the two seamlessly. Jane's course is meticulously planned and delivered and she walks you clearly through every single step of the process. Both alcohol inks and resin have exploded in popularity these last few years, yet the "why" and "how" remained an enigma to many who didn't spend dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars to figure out how to work with them. Jane's courses are precise so you can get excellent results early on. ​ If you've ever wanted a course on how to work with these two mediums, Jane delivers in spades!
Bindi G

Jane's trademark MOD Minis are abstract genius!

Bindi G

I adore Jane's designs! As a long time follower of Jane Monteith, I've come to know that there's nothing that this chick can't do! Her ideas seriously blow my mind. ​ Jane's trademark MOD Minis are a series of abstract genius! I started collecting my MOD Mini collection several months ago and it's recently grown even more! I also have a larger piece that hangs with pride at the centre of the minis. They look insane! ​ Jane's creativity is spectacular and her dedication to her thousands of Instagram followers should be applauded. Techniques and methods shared and queries answered. Selfless with her time and always there for her followers.
Lisa P

Jane's work is modern, bold and eye-catching!

Lisa P

The trio of intense color, unique design and sleek finish are what draw me to Jane's art again and again. ​ She has an amazing eye for color and produces the most vibrant, spectacular color palettes, and then develops those into her own very unique identifiable style in mixed media form. Each piece is very modern, bold, rich, interesting and eye catching. ​ I own several pieces of her art and am a huge fan!